10 Signs of an Engaging Homepage Your Website Design Virtual Assistant Should Know

Websites today are more than just a media source where people find information about your business. It is a place where you and your prospects begin to have relationships. A perfect website design provides them with pleasant experiences, and over time, they will have confidence over your company or organization. With that said, you need to make sure that your web site perfectly serves its purpose of giving your customers answers to their questions.

You can start giving this to your customers by having a perfect homepage. Homepage, as the name implies, is the very first page that your customers see. Hence, it should be the best page your website should have. You might be busy dealing with other important aspects of your business so seeking help from a website design virtual assistant may be wisest option for you to take so your home page exhibits perfection.

The following are likely the characteristics of a homepage that beats all odds:


  1. Empathetic. A good homepage understands the reader’s needs, desires, challenges, values and concerns. It will be more effective to use “If you…” statements rather than “I am” or “We are” messaging.
  2. Organized structure/client-focused. A virtual assistant can do something with your website design making it more structured in a way that is logical and comes in terms of the client’s needs. Using rubrics based on customer’s challenges, pains and desires such as “Dealing with a Virtual Assistant “Using the Power of Internet for Marketing” and “Having a Website that Attracts More Leads” for a small business owner or perhaps “Wet Finished Basement Problems” and ‘Basement Remodeling” for a home owner are good examples.
  3. Ready or accessible contents. Homepage offers or materials that need to be downloaded by your web visitors should be in the simplest form. To get higher number of downloads, don’t punish your probable customers by letting them accomplish so many registration forms before getting one.
  4. Matched labels and content. Again, your work may warrant correction from a virtual assistant if the contents of your home page are not distributed properly. Contents should be distributed on an individual basis to the most relevant pages.
  5. Print-friendly. Your homepage will be most likely in demand if you offer a print-friendly version that visitors can easily click to and print out easily. A virtual assistant can get rid of the cut-off margins, odd page breaks and frustrating multi-page segregations of copy or illustrations in your web design.
  6. Available contact information. A primary contact number (may it be a phone number or e-mail address) should be reflected at the bottom of every page to make it easy for your visitors to find you whenever they have questions associated to your posts.
  7. Substantial and relevant content. A virtual assistant can help gratify your readers’ needs by making your website overloaded with helpful, substantial and relevant facts and ideas. You should be generous to your readers by continuously giving them meaningful content especially those which are relevant to their interests.
  8. Updated with latest news, events or innovations. This is an another specialty of a virtual assistant, that is, making your homepage more interesting to both new and returning visitors with those readily visible latest updates like important news and events and new offers from your company.
  9. Has retention device. Good website designs are those with retention device in the form of e-newsletters. This will keep your readers remember your site and they will surely re-visit your site.
  10. Has a website status indicator. It is very important for you to know which pages of your website holds and attracts readers or customers, and which are simply not working. With this info in hand, you know what to dump, what to pump, and which lines of messaging are connecting to customers. This can be done by placing a hyperlink to a new page that can’t be accessed through any other link placed anywhere else.

These are 10 the signs that your homepage and entire website makeup are very engaging to keep your visitors to come back for more. Achieving these may not be as easy as 123 considering the time and effort it demands. In this case, asking for help from a reliable virtual assistant that offers website design services won’t be far from being the best option.