Where It All Starts: 5 Key Elements To Consider In a Successful Web Site Planning

Ever wonder how a website design virtual assistant can come up with websites that are a perfect match with your company’s needs? Just like any other traditional marketing efforts, creating a website requires in-depth analysis, research and thorough planning to make it attractive, powerful, and effective. Information flow and user interface can be illustrated using simple sketches. This will then be the basis for you to position yourself online. This is what every virtual assistant or web designer is keeping in mind.

Planning is critical for your online campaign since it serves as foundation that will guide you through. Below are five key elements you need to keep in mind included in the planning phase en route to an attractive and powerful website.

  1. Objective: What is the purpose behind this website’s existence? The direction your site takes will depend on objectives and goals you have set.
  2. Content delivery: Web visitors typically stay on a specific website with an average time of 8 seconds. Based on research, 50% of web visitors fall under this category. It is therefore a challenge to website designers to captivate web visitors in the first 8 seconds that they visit the page and urge them to stay longer. This is where graphic design and fundamental concepts sink in. Ultimately, the length of time that visitors stay on your page boils down to the attractiveness of your content. The longer visitors stay on your page, the greater there is that they would become potential customers. You should therefore arm your site with relevant, attractive and meaningful content for your target audience.

  3. Flow of Information: Once you already have a clear grasp about the message you want to convey, it’s time to create a road map to guide the flow of information in your website. You need to follow consistent and good navigation patterns based on a wireframe. This will keep your page user-friendly so that visitors will have an easy time navigating through your site. This will serve as an additional factor for customers to stay longer in order check what your site offers.
  4. Competitive Analysis: Knowing your competitors’ moves will give you some aspects to think about in order to strengthen your brand. This will also serve as a foundation for you to come up with differentiation strategy critical for you to stand out. This is where SWOT Analysis comes in. Research and data analysis come in handy for this specific aspect in your planning stage.
  5. Online Identity: Identify the look and feel you would want your website to have in accordance to your objectives and goals as well your target audience’s needs and wants. This will serve as your company’s online identity. If you find it quite challenging to come up with technically sound graphics and design, then tapping the services a website design virtual assistant will be a good alternative. In a way or so, they can also suggest some alternatives that you can choose from to improve your website’s appearance.
  6. Website design is a time-consuming work. It takes a lot of mental effort before you can actually have that platform for your business. Good thing, you can get the services of a website design virtual assistant to handle this task. They can plan what your web site will be like with these five elements as a guide. Coordinate with your personal VA and talk about your plans. Then, you’ll be good to go with putting your concepts to action!