Helpful Tips To Consider Before Redesigning Your Company’s Website

redesigning-your-companyBecause of the ever-changing marketing atmosphere, most small business owners feel the pressing need to adapt to what is happening around. Perhaps the biggest change that business owners have to deal with is online marketing. They have to make sure their website not only represents their businesses but also caters to their customers’ needs. This is where the idea of website redesign comes into play.

Redesigning your company’s website should be geared towards serving customers better and improving the company’s image. More often, the ideal time to freshen up and give your website a makeover is a year or two.

Nonetheless, you should not readily decide that you must redesign your website simply because you just feel like it. There are factors that you need to consider before going through the process of recreating it. In fact, studies show that most businesses are not taking the right approaches to website redesign. This usually results in failure in delivering results, going over the budget allotted or sometimes, having late site launches.

Thus, before you hire someone like a web designer or a web developer to help you rebuild your site, you should consider several factors and plan everything out. To start, you must first assess if you really need another redesign.

Is the redesign really needed?

You might have a lot of reasons to change how your website should look. The thing is, check these reasons carefully and assess whether they are worth the risk.

If you believe that your website tends to become boring and tiresome, keep in mind that many, if not most, of your visitors don’t see your site every day. Think about your customer’s perception. Although it may appear that it’s high time to make a change, your visitors might think the opposite although they are not totally aware of it. They may be just starting to get used to your website. It may take years for visitors to begin to associate your web design with your brand.

If the reason for the change is to address the complaints you’ve received from customers, try to look at it first in a different perspective. You don’t need to change your website right away; look for consistent complaint patterns and simple ways to fix “serious” problems first. Look for other alternatives before blaming your website.

In cases where you’ve already done a thorough study and realized the need to redesign your website, the tips stated below should be considered.

Tips on making a website redesign plan

Redesigning will definitely require enough time and resources in order to develop a vivid, specific plan. This will help in checking and keeping track of your projects, and ultimately, minimize the number of unnecessary changes that could otherwise take place.

  1. Ask customers their opinion.

    The best people to give you unique perspective and valuable insight to your website are none other than your customers. They can offer helpful thoughts that you can use to redevelop your website to better suit their needs.

  2. Plan out some measurable objectives.

    Always make sure that your objectives are measurable and attainable before you launch a new website. It will just lead to failure if your redesign won’t have a measurable impact on your business.

  3. redesigning-your-companyUse a document with specific details.

    A detailed specification document is very much needed in redesigning. Information such as wireframe sketches, page content, proposed site structure, design preferences, etc. should be included.

  4. Seek suggestions from professionals.

    Lastly, it is important that you consult with experts in this field. These days, there are web design virtual assistants who can help you understand the issue and at they same time, provide you with solutions to your problems.

    1. In deciding to undergo website modification in redesigning your website, it is imperative that you ask yourself why the change is necessary. Create a plan as to how you will integrate this change. A successful website reflects a company’s goal, hence, your new website should be aligned with your goals much better than how the old website did.

      If you find it hard to plan for a website redesign, look for companies that offer website design services. There are many web design virtual assistants who are ready, willing, and able to help you with the changes that your website needs.